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Meet The Team

How Extentek™ Started

Nir and Ron Pechuk, Extentek™ CEO and CTO were visiting their grandmother. In the evening, she asked one of them to pour a cup of tea for her explaining that she does not see well in darkness and usually over pours. The following night, they paid attention that every time their grandmother needed to pour water when the light was not bright, she would use her finger to know when to stop. Using Lego and Arduino, they developed a primitive device that was supposed to be placed near the cup and beep when the cup is full. This was the first prototype of Galina™, a contactless material level indication device that helps blind and visually impaired to prevent spills. Later on, the boys met Maxwell Mamishev, Extentek™ CINO who improved Galina™ using smaller sensors and faster technological processes to build the device. Together they founded Extentek™ LLC.


Nir Pechuk




Maxwell Mamishev



Ron Pechuk


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